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  • HIPAA Compliant Community Software for Treatment Centers and Healthcare Providers

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Platform Features

  • Medical Records

    Medical Records and Documents

    We offer a robust document system to securely store private medical information, treatment plans, and documents.

  • Medical Records

    Connections to Physicians

    Using the ONEsite messaging system, patients are able to have private conversations directly with physicians.

  • Medical Records

    Patient Dashboards

    Our easy to use layout and design systems allow you to define unique pantient views across tiers, groups, and access levels.

  • Medical Records

    Appointments and Events

    With a full calendar and events system, we are able to provide patients with notifications of doctor appointments, treatment sessions, and facility events.

  • Medical Records

    Support Groups

    With private profiles and groups, patients have 24/7 access to their support groups for discussions, assignments, journals, and workbooks.

  • Medical Records

    Articles and Announcements

    The ONEsite Article System can be utilized to release news and announcements related to treatment, caregiving, and ongoing research studies.

mHealth App

mHealth Mobile App

Integrate your existing app with ONEsite

If you already have a mobile app, we can help you enhance it by integrating our robust offering of social community features. We offer a full suite of REST APIs to remotely access commonly used functionality of the ONEsite Social Networking Platform. You can view the full list of APIs at

Don’t already have an App? ONEsite can build one for you

ONEsite offers a fully mobile experience with it's mHealth App: ONEApp. ONEApp can be fully customized to allows access to your network using their favorite mobile device. Our flexible skeleton app allows for customization between assets, push notifications, and deep linking between your network and the application.

Clients & Case Studies

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Caron Logo

Caron uses ONEsite’s platform to treat patients by giving them access to medical records, treatment documents, connections to counselors, and support groups.

Betfair Logo

Betfair uses ONEsite’s web hosting platform to create rich user communities, forums, and live discussions.

Chelsea FC Logo

Chelsea’s official mobile app, the 5th Stand, uses our platform to drive real-time discussions around matches, team announcements, and local Supporter’s Clubs.

New York Yankees Logo

The YES Network of the New York Yankees drives conversations and engagement with their fans using ONEsite’s social platform.

See more of our valued clients »

What our clients are saying

  • "Live View has helped break and re-break posting records, and has been a true game-changer for us."

    Andrew French / Global Community Manager, Betfair

  • "Spectacular and exceeded our expectations. They are extremely knowledgable, proactive and we have really appreciated their positive attitudes and expertise. They helped us hit all of our tight deadlights and should be commended."

    Ian Skeen /

  • "ONEsite listens to our requirements and delivers on it. They act as an extension of our team vs. simply having a standard client-vendor relationship."

    Gaurav Rekhi / Head of Products, World of Good at eBay | Join | Legal | Be Safe | Help | Report Content